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History of St. Croix Lutheran High School


Although the inspiration for the foundation of Saint Croix Lutheran High School goes back to January, 1957, the Twin City Lutheran High School Association was not officially formed until June, 1958. At that time the first instructor, who also served as the first principal, was called; and classes for the first academic year, 1958-59, were conducted in the basement of Saint James Lutheran Church, West St. Paul. In 1960, the student body and faculty moved into the first permanent school building on the campus at 110 Crusader Avenue, West St. Paul. In 1965, the second building, containing additional classrooms and gymnasium, was erected. These two units were combined with the addition of a spacious library and multi-purpose room in 1975. During December, 1978, the science room facility was expanded to include several laboratory stations.

In 1990, the physical expansion of Saint Croix took a dramatic new turn. A major fundraising/expansion campaign was inaugurated, with the goal of completing much-needed expansion and renovation of the existing facility. The price tag was high and fervent prayers were directed to our omnipotent Lord to make this vision possible. Midway through the campaign the Lord answered our prayers in a wonderful way. Archbishop Brady High School, located 2 miles northeast of the Crusader site, was closed and placed on the market for sale. Because the Brady school was much larger and met all our current and future needs at a cost substantially less than expanding the Crusader site, the purchase of the new campus on Oakdale Avenue was completed in April of 1992. After thousands of hours of work by hundreds of volunteers and with the necessary contracted work completed by professionals, the building was renovated and remodeled, and a beautiful "new" and expanded Saint Croix was ready for the first day of school in September of 1992.

As more and more young people and their parents come to appreciate the value of a Christian secondary education, planning continues for expansion of curricular and extra-curricular offerings and additional staff members as well as addressing needed facility improvements to accommodate increasing enrollment.

The Lord has truly blessed the devotion to Christian education of the founding fathers and those who took up their lead. May the devotion and concern of the present and future generations continue to provide for this ongoing ministry to Christian young people.


last updated: 21-jun-02