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Objectives of St. Croix Lutheran High School


Saint Croix Lutheran High School has as its mission "educating the total student, spiritually, intellectually, and physically in a caring Christian family environment." In keeping with this goal, we strive to meet the following three objectives:


To strengthen the faith of the student through the Holy Spirit by increasing the student's knowledge of God, His Word, and His plan of salvation through His Son (Justified Christian).

To assist the student in sharing these truths with others (Witnessing Christian).

To aid the student in applying these spiritual truths in his everyday life (Sanctified Christian).


To evaluate the abilities of each student, to make the student aware of his potential, and to provide the opportunities and the guidance for maximum development of these God?given abilities.

To assist the student in developing a thorough knowledge of the basic skills essential to mental and educational development and future professional work as a steward of God's Kingdom.

To promote a more critical and rational thinking in conformity with Holy Scriptures to enable the student to evaluate, choose, accept, or reject information, ideals, and situations which he may encounter.


To guide the student in developing Christian habits and attitudes, which promote physical and mental health both in himself/herself and in others.

To provide the student opportunity to develop physical fitness and muscular coordination through a sound program of physical education, intramural and interscholastic sports, and at the same time to experience the recreational values of individual and team sports.

To promote God-pleasing use of recreational and leisure time.

Meeting the objectives of these three basic developmental areas of a child will also assist the child in his Christian social and emotional growth.


last updated: 21-jun-02