St. Croix Lutheran High School
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Our Vision for the Future


To be a ministry whose graduates are well-rounded, Gospel-motivated, and Christ-focused individuals who are effective communicators and critical thinkers that will become lifelong learners and cooperative citizens.

To be a ministry of expanding student enrollment that utilizes all of the current school building with its capacity of over 500.

To be a ministry continuing to develop on-campus student housing in its two residences with a capacity of nearly 100.

To be a ministry with continued interest in sustaining the richness brought about by inviting the attendance of international students.

To be a ministry whose curriculum is challenging while meeting the needs of students pursuing all post secondary goals, including ministry, college or work.

To be a ministry using the best of what technology can offer to enhance the instruction and learning of our students.

To be a ministry offering to serve as a center for continuing education through the use of Internet and interactive video technology.

To be a ministry that pursues high goals in co-curricular activities and provides the necessary facilities to make this possible

To be a ministry committed to ongoing planning, looking ahead to addressing a priority of additional needs identified in the academics and the arts.


last updated: 21-jun-02