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Art Courses


Fundamentals of Art

Students will be introduced to the foundations of Art - the elements and principals of design. A variety of materials and methods will be used to lead students toward an appreciation of the visual arts.


Students will be introduced to the knowledge and skills necessary for work in drawing from observation or imagination. Various tools and techniques will be studied as well as recognized masters of the field of drawing.


The tools and techniques of painting will be applied to work in tempera, watercolor, and acrylic paints, as well as oil pastels. The subjects of prominent historical painters will be carefully studied.

Lettering and Printmaking

The history of the written word will be studied through calligraphic lettering and printmaking. Various methods of creating and reproducing images will be explored.

Form and Sculpture

Students will use a variety of materials and methods to develop 3-dimensional forms of what they see and imagine.


Students will study the development of pottery as a beautiful and functional art form. A variety of methods of production will be used, including molds, draping, pinching, coiling, slab work, and throwing.

Independent Study

The student, with the approval and guidance of the instructor, will plan a course of independent study which will result in the production and presentation of a portfolio of personal work.


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