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Co-Curricular Activities



At various times throughout the school year, individuals and groups with a variety of program formats come to SCLHS for assemblies for the benefit of the student body and faculty. Some of these are purely "for fun" while others provide stimulating educational and cultural presentations.

Class Activities

In addition to normal school routine, many classes at Saint Croix participate in field trips to various places of interest as they relate to a particular subject area. The seniors may take a class trip as one of their last activities at Saint Croix. Previous classes have traveled to such places as Washington, D.C., Florida, Chicago and northern Minnesota.


Students with an interest in drama may participate in a children's theatre production in the fall and/or in a full-length play or musical in the spring. Abilities in acting as well as in back-stage work may be put to use in these productions.


Students may develop their God-given talents in journalism by participating in the various aspects of production and distribution of the school newspaper (the COURIER). Skills and abilities in writing, keyboarding, photography, layout, and advertising can all be developed and used in this very tangible way.

Speech Team

The speech team is open to freshmen through seniors. It is a coed activity that develops organizational and oral presentation skills. This season begins in January and continues through the middle of April. Students prepare speech presentations in a variety of categories and participate in meets throughout the season.


Students with abilities and interest in music may participate in several special groups at Saint Croix. Those with piano playing skills may volunteer as chapel accompanists. The Croixaliers are a select singing group, chosen on the basis of auditions, which performs at school concerts and many off-campus church services and other activities. The choral and instrumental organizations and groups of Saint Croix present a number of sacred and secular concerts throughout the school year. For some of these concerts, our elementary band students also participate.

National Honor Society

All students in grades 10-12 who have been enrolled for at least one semester and who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 are eligible to become candidates for the Saint Croix chapter of the National Honor Society. Further selection is made by the faculty on the basis of NHS standards of leadership, service, and character.

Right Triangle

The Right Triangle is our chemical awareness group. Students who would like to serve as peer educators (giving information to grade school students) and/or peer listeners (giving help and support to other high school students) may participate in a 3-day training workshop. Members of the group develop listening skills as well as presenting skills so that they may help others deal with the pressures and problems relating to alcohol and other drug abuse.

Student Council

Student Council membership consists of a male and female representative from each class, the class president of each class, and three officers (president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer). Members are elected by the respective classes, and the officers are elected by the student body as a whole. The Council's objectives are to augment the social life of the students at SCLHS by planning school activities, to assist in matters delegated to it by the faculty or principal, to promote a good relationship between students and faculty, to foster student leadership, and to provide a feeling of Christian unity among all students.

Counting Pennies on Penny Day, sponsored by
Student Council

Special Interest Groups

Students interested in Math Competition may participate in the MLC "Meet Math" and in other math competitions where they will experience competition in varying degrees of difficulty, from Algebra I to Advanced Math topics.


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