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English Courses


Developmental Reading

For remedial students only. To give a better background in reading, spelling, and other language arts. Offered if enrollment warrants.

Basic English

For the average English student who needs additional practice in writing, reading, and study skills. Two semesters.

Intermediate Grammar

For those students with an above average background in grammar. Basic grammar skills and library science. One semester.

Intermediate Literature

For those students with above average reading and comprehension skills. An introduction to a variety of literature classics in short stories, plays, poems, and essays. One semester.

Advanced Grammar

Grammar fundamentals applied to promote correct and effective writing skills. One semester.


Oral communication skills developed. Emphasis on organization and presentation of information and opinions. One semester.

Basic Writing

Application of grammatical structure reviewed and extended for effective writing. Primary emphasis on analyzing and writing sentence patterns, paragraphs, and compositions. One semester.

American Literature

Different modes of writing during various periods of American literature with concentration on authors, content, and structure.
Students critically evaluate techniques through written and oral book reviews. One semester.


Presentation of dramatic works and ideas from the classical beginnings of drama to the present. One semester.

English Literature

An overview of English literature and techniques throughout its history. One semester

AP English Literature

Prepares students to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in English Literature and Composition. Covers a wide range of prose, poetry and drama. Requires much reading. Two semesters.

Desktop Publishing

Prerequisite: Eng. III Grammar & Eng. III Literature
Students will learn to develop their business, computer and journalistic skills including interviewing, photography, graphics and layout and design. They will use the production of the school yearbook to facilitate these skills. Units of study will include concept, thematic development, section development, reporting and writing, headlines, photos and captions, design, graphics, readers' services and money matters. Elective for grades 10-12. Two semesters.

Communicating Effectively

No prerequisites
Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are developed through a variety of real life performances incorporating technology, including PowerPoint. Activities are designed to help the student develop into a proactive Christian adult. This course is not a substitute for currently required English courses. Elective for grades 11-12.


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