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Family Life Education Courses



Basic Foods

A significant part of our daily life is taken up with food concerns: planning, buying, preparing, serving, eating, clean-up, and storage. All these topics will be covered in this basic foods lecture/ demonstration/ laboratory course. Nutrition, food safety, and food careers will also be included. A $40 lab fee is charged each student.

Child Development

Children are a gift from God and our world's greatest resource. This class is designed to provide an understanding of children: for current siblings, baby sitters, and friends of children; for future professionals in careers such as early childhood education and daycare; and for future parents. Course contents focus on the development of children in all areas: physical/motor, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual.
Observing and working with children from our on-site day care center will be a highlight of this class.


last updated: 21-jun-02