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Religion Department


Introduction to Religion

A basic Bible history course introducing students to God's plan of salvation and tracing it throughout the entire Holy Scriptures. Provides students with a solid foundation concerning who their God is and what He has graciously done for them.

Biblical Knowledge

Deals with God's master plan of salvation as outlined in the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. This course is for international students.

Old Testament

A detailed study of selected books and topics of the Old Testament.

New Testament

A study of the life of Jesus Christ our Savior and of the early history of His Church, concentrating on the Gospel of St. Luke and the Book of Acts.

Christian Doctrine/Christian Church

A comparison study of the New Testament Christian church and the Lutheran church of today with special emphasis on the doctrines of Holy Scripture as historically held by the Lutheran church and their practical application to the Christian's daily life.

Church History/Christian Concerns

A study of church history and comparative doctrines with emphasis on the development of various Christian denominations; also a study of the general epistles and Revelation, emphasizing practical Christian concerns.


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