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World Language Courses


Beginning German

Basic study of German forms and syntax, memorization of vocabulary and idioms, translation and composition in German, and oral drills for conversational German

Intermediate German

Prerequisite: German I
Expansion of German forms and syntax, vocabulary, and idioms, conversational skills, and introduction to German literature.

German/Advanced German

Prerequisite: German II/III
Reading of advanced German literature, composition, and German
conversation, continued expansion of aural comprehension and of conversational skills

Beginning Latin

Elementary forms and syntax, composition from English to Latin and translation from Latin to English; mastery of basic Latin vocabulary.

Intermediate Latin

Prerequisite: Latin I
Completion of Latin forms and syntax, expansion of vocabulary, translation skills and Latin composition, reading of selections from Caesar's Gallic Wars.

Advanced Latin Prose

Prerequisite: Latin II
Review of Latin forms, syntax, and vocabulary; Latin composition; readings from Julius Caesar, Cicero, Sallust, and Plautus.

Advanced Latin Poetry

Prerequisite: Latin II
Review of Latin forms and syntax, introduction to Latin poetry and versification, readings from selections from Vergil's AENEID and the poems of Catullus.

Beginning Spanish

A basic study of Spanish forms and syntax, memorization of vocabulary and idioms, composition and reading in Spanish, conversation and listening practice.

Intermediate Spanish

Prerequisite: Beginning Spanish
Review of beginning Spanish, study of more complex Spanish forms and syntax, vocabulary and idioms, expansion of conversational skills, Spanish composition, and an introduction to aural and written Spanish literature


Prerequisite: Spanish II
A review of syntax, vocabulary, forms covered in beginning Spanish followed by further refinement and advancement of skills in reading, hearing, speaking and writing. Special attention will be given to developing speaking skills.

Advanced Spanish

Prerequisite: Spanish III
Enhancement of Spanish III skills with emphasis on speaking skills.

Foreign Language Independent Study

Special arrangements must be made with the instructor.



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