Mark J. Lenz (1972-1977)Religion and Choral music


(spouse: Esther)

I will have my PhD in theology in July.

Published works: Sing Along With Saints and Angels (Bible study and teacher's guide) Leviticus (People's Bible) Leviticus (Bible class materials) God's Providence (People's Bible Teachings) God's Providence (Bible class materials) Life of Abraham (Bible class)

Presently a contributing editor for the Northwestern Lutheran.

Our children:
Timothy (age 29) PhD in chemical engineering from Michigan State University. Presently working in the chemical engineering department at Michigan State.

Pamela (age 28) graduate of DMLC, taught in St. Cloud, MN and Cudahy, WI. Married to Pastor Kent Holz. Have one child, Nathan, seven months. Will be living in Greenville, SC.

Jeremy (age 25) graduate of the University of Minnesota. Working for the Phalen Corridor Initiative in St. Paul. Married to Lisa. Living in Minneapolis.

I have pleasant memories of traveling with the Croixaliers to various congregations to sing for Sunday services.

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