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Lisa Anacker
Scott Behnke

Inver Grove Community College

Michelle Benson

This year I'm going to Anoka-Hennepin and Anoka Ramsey. I'm doing a joint program between the two colleges. I'm going for my Associate in Applied Science Degree. I'm going to be a Medical Administrative Assistant. I'm planning on specializing in one field, if I'm able. I'm planning on specializing in Pediatric Cardiology in the surgical ward, where I'll be able to admit and discharge people, do insurance forms and schedule appts.

Alyssa Benson

Mike Bents

Now attending University of Wisconsin - Platteville. He is majoring in computer science.

I made the baseball team here. Coach told me it was because of my superior skills and that my presence and contributions to the team will no doubt turn the program into a national contender. Or maybe he just said I'm on the team. I don't remember which.

Andrea Berg
Erin Bonitz

Erin is currently working on a math major and a music minor at Gustavus. She is happy to say that this year she will be playing flute in the Adolphus Band, as well as the Flute Choir. She still works in the library doing interlibrary loan, but has also added another job as a grader for one section of calculus. Some of her cool classes this semester are badminton and meteorology. She also has a new roommate, Karen, but don't worry- she and Nancy had an amiable split. :o) Things are not quite as they were pre-tornado, but it's getting closer!

Andrew Braun

I am now going to be attending Northern Michigan University the next year (I start March 31). I'm going to be working for a bachelor's of arts degree in woodworking and also looking into metalworking and business.

Hans Caauwe

I'm attending Martin Luther College in the "Studies in Pastoral Ministry" (SPaM) program.

I am engaged to be married to Sara Kassulke (Class of '96). We are planning a June 2001 wedding.

If you're really interested in what's happening in my life, check out my own web site.

Jenny Davis

Education:Just thought I'd let you know that I'm going to school at MLC for the second year now. I'm (obviously) studying to be a teacher-elementary education with a concentrate in social studies (thanks to Mr.O's influence).

Personal Life:Not married to but in love with Nathan Smith.

Hobbies:Having fun doing crazy things but always legal things.

Memory:There are way too many. I miss you guys.

Comments:Since I figured out (with Hans' help) how to do this the rest of you should too so I know what's going on in your lives.

Chris Eisenbeis

From the evening edition of the BOB GAZETTE AND POST-DISPATCH PRESS GLOBE

Saturday, December 26


The people of the capital city of Bob sat in stunned silence for once by their black and white televisions as it was reported earlier this afternoon that their beloved and benevolent and really good-looking leader, Senor Christian H. Eisenbeis, was shot and killed as he rode in his Gremlin through the streets of Bob at the Annual Hangover Day-After-Christmas Electric Boogaloo, a Basque hill country tradition.

Eyewitnesses say that three shots rang out, one hitting Eisenbeis in the backside, but El Presidente did not seem to notice. The second and third found their target, however, and the president collapsed in his precious Gremlin. Eisenbeis's driver, Senor Wilhelm Guiterrez-O'Higgins, floored the speedster Gremlin to the maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour (8.3 MPH) to the Chile Relleno Memorial Hospital in the suburb of Vanilla Extract, but Eisenbeis was pronounced dead and overweight upon arrival.

A young man connected with the Spanish Fascist Army was apprehended on the spot after shooting El Presidente Eisenbeis. He was taken into custody and flogged severely with an AC-Delco extension cord. The investigation has become widespread as El Chief Policia Senor Mikhail Cordovski promised that all leads toward unmasking a conspiracy would be followed to the full extent of the law. He then burped audibly.

El Presidente Eisenbeis will be laid to rest at Bob National Cemetery this Tuesday. Already there are skeptics that say it was a body double that was gunned down at the parade, but a huge turnout is expected. Christian Eisenbeis was 19 years old.

Leigh Gibson

Charlie Hartwig

Jessica Harvey

Nate Kassulke

Justin Kennedy

Justin is currently majoring in music at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. He is trying to mantain his sanity while rooming with David Kogler (just kidding Dave, I'm sure you would say the same). When he is not living in the practice rooms, he composes and arranges music for the saxophone and other instruments. He regrets not being able to join Chris in the fight against fascism, but he was unable to conceal a plaguing disorder called "saxophone knee". Just in case you ladies are wondering... yes, Justin is still single and VERY available. (507)-933-8175.

David Kogler

Brad Kutz

Platteville is now the national champions in men's b-ball with a perfect record of 30-0. One of those wins came over the rather weak Gustavus Gusties (what is that anyways??) in the regional finals. Oh yes, one other tidbit, I've started my own maffia organization based here in Platteville, and soon we will own the world.

Carrie McLees

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Mario Paez

I thought I would fill you in with a little info. about me here at St. Olaf. I am currently running Track and Field. I don't have my radio show anymore due to track, but I'll get it back next year. I did well first semester with a 3.54 GPA, which I was fairly happy with.

Jenni Panek

Inver Hills Community College

Adam Pankratz

Senior videos are done.

Working now and applying at Minneapois School of Art and Design for 1998-99 school year.

Amy Raymond

Andy Schmeling

Randy Schmeling

Nathan Smith

Tiffany Standfuss


Laurie Steffenhagen

Kari Tiarks

Liz Wacker

Charlie Yenni














































































































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