Application Process

International students may apply for the coming school year through the International Application Form. Students are accepted on a rolling admissions basis. Students’ transcripts must show above-average academic ability. Students must be responsible, honest, cooperative, demonstrate good character, and be respectful of others.

The deadline for application is May 1. It is recommended that application be made early to guarantee a place in the enrollment.

Step 1: Application Form: Must include $100 application fee.
  • Pages 1-4 are to be completed by the student and family.
  • Page 5 is to be completed by the student's school principal or counselor.
  • Page 6 is to be completed by the student’s teacher, advisor or class master.
  • Page 7 is a request for release of school records.
  • Page 8 is the application checklist for your use.
  • Pages 9-10 are information sheets to keep for your reference.
  • School transcripts:  The student will send official school transcripts with the application form from any schools attended during grades 6-12 where applicable. These transcripts must be translated to English.


Step 2: If the student is accepted, St. Croix will send the following:

  • The Acceptance letter
  • The I-20 form from St. Croix Lutheran High School
  • A receipt for the application fee
  • A “next steps for enrollment” sheet

Upon receiving this paperwork, the student will send the $1,000 deposit fee to reserve a place in the enrollment.

Step 3: Visa application. The documents needed at the Embassy are:
  • The passport
  • The Acceptance letter
  • The I-20 form from St. Croix Lutheran High School
  • The receipts for any payments made
  • Proof of payment of US$100 SEVIS I-901 fee
  • Proof of the family financial support
  • Proof of connections to home country after schooling is finished.

Additional Notes:

When a visa is granted, please inform St. Croix LHS immediately. Also inform SCLHS of flight and arrival arrangements when they are finalized.

All new international students are required to arrive at St. Croix LHS the weekend of August 18-19.

The payment deadline for remaining fees is August 1. In the event the student visa is denied, any tuition or residence fees already paid will be refunded. The application fee and deposit fee are non-refundable in any case.

Students who enroll in St. Croix Lutheran High School are committed to attending school here for a minimum of one academic year. Students who withdraw or transfer before this time will not be granted any refund of fees. If a student is asked by the Administration to withdraw from St. Croix Lutheran High School, all fees for the current semester are non-refundable.

Medical insurance is a required part of an international student’s stay. Insurance programs are available through the International Advisor.

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