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Attendance Policies

Our Lord expects that students, as faithful stewards of time, will attend school regularly. Students who attend classes every day increase their chance of success in their academic studies. Students are expected to attend class in order to receive credit for courses. Students who exceed 9 absences in any class period per semester will not receive credit for that class. A student has the right to appeal such loss of credit if unusual circumstances resulted in excessive absences.

If a student must be absent for any reason, a parent/guardian must call the school before 9:00 am that day to notify the school of the student’s absence. If a parent does not call the school, the attendance staff will attempt to call a parent at home or work.

Whenever a student arrives at school after 8:05 or leaves school before 2:58, he/she must check in or out at the school office.

Unexpected Absence
Unexpected absences include student illness, bad weather, emergencies, etc. A parent should call the school office before 9:00 am to report the absence. If a student becomes ill during the school day, he/she should report to the school office. Attendance staff will contact a parent to pick up the student, or obtain permission for the student to leave school.

Planned 1 or 2-Day Absence
A parent may request that a student be excused for a planned absence, such as attending a wedding, funeral, visiting a college, etc. The attendance staff should be notified by a parent/guardian in writing at least one day prior to a planned absence. The note should state the specific reason for the absence.

Brief Absence
A parent may request that a student be excused from school for a short period of time; i.e. doctor or dentist appointments. Whenever possible, appointments should be scheduled before or after school hours. Parents should send a written note stating the date, departure time, and the specific reason for the absence. The attendance staff will issue a permission pass to the student upon receiving an excuse note. This pass is to be signed by the classroom instructor at the time of departure from class, and the student must bring the signed pass to the school office to check out before leaving the building.

Multiple-Days Absence
St. Croix strongly discourages multiple days of absence for reasons other than illness or emergency, since it may impair the student’s academic progress. However, we understand that some families need to take a vacation during times of the school year when classes are in session. To obtain permission for a multiple-days absence, parents/guardians must submit a written request to St. Croix at least one week prior to the first day of the absence explaining the occasion and purpose of the absence. Absences for family vacations will be included in the total number of absences per semester. It should be noted that an extended winter break has been incorporated into the calendar, and parents are encouraged to consider this in their vacation planning.

For a planned absence of multiple days, teachers are NOT obligated to:

  • Get assignments to students in advance
  • Re-teach the lessons missed by the student 
  • Score missed assignments

Teachers will:

  • Collect the assignments for the student
  • Identify a peer who would be able to assist them in getting "caught up"

If there will be a major presentation, test, or project missed, it is the responsibility fo the student to make arrangements with the teacher PRIOR to the absence. 

Unexcused Absence
Unexcused absences include skipping class, sleeping in, and any absence not excused by a parent or guardian. A student who has an unexcused absence will be assigned a detention period for each class period missed. All schoolwork will be given 0% credit for these periods. Unexcused absences will be noted as such on the student’s permanent record. After three (3) such absences, parents will meet with the Dean of Students to address the problem.

School-Sponsored Activity
An individual or a group of students may be absent from class due to a school- sponsored activity. Such activities include field trips, athletic or music events, and career counseling (Discover) appointments. These activities are not recorded as absences on the student’s permanent record.

Extra-Curricular Activities
On the day of an extra-curricular activity, such as athletic contests, school plays, concerts, etc., participating students are expected to attend classes all day. Students who miss classes due to illness or who have an unexcused absence will not be permitted to participate in any contest or performance on the day of the absence.

Students who miss class due to scheduled appointments (i.e., doctor, dentist, college visit) must provide written documentation of the scheduled appointment, including contact information of the provider, and a written excuse by a parent/guardian before they are allowed to participate on that day.

Make–up Work
Students have the sole responsibility of making appropriate arrangements with teachers to ensure that all missed academic work will be completed. Students who have a planned absence should request assignments from teachers prior to the absence. Academic work not made up in a reasonable time will be subject to a failing grade. When a student is ill, a parent may request that homework be collected. 

Administration of Attendance Policy
After 3 absences in any class period during a semester, the Dean of Students will send a written letter to the parents regarding our concern for regular attendance. After 5 and 7 absences in any class period, the Dean of Students will send a letter notifying the parents that the student is in jeopardy of losing credit for the classes missed. After 9 absences in any class period, a final warning letter is sent to the parents. Upon the 10th absence, a letter will be sent informing the parents the student will not receive credit for the classes missed. The Attendance Review Committee, consisting of the Dean of Students and faculty members, will be notified. A student has the right to appeal the loss of credit. Contact the Dean of Students for information.

Please note:
Family vacations will be included in the total number of absences per semester and may critically impact credit for the semester.

Excessive Absence Appeal Process

St. Croix Lutheran High School’s Responsibility:

  • Initial contact with the parent will be made through the Dean of Student’s office with an attendance letter sent to notify parents of 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10 absences in one or more classes. 
  • Advisor will contact parents by phone and by email (for documentation) following absence 7, 9, and 10.

Parent’s Responsibility:

  • Parents are to initiate the appeal process within three (3) days of receiving the letter regarding the loss of credit (10 or more absences). 
  • Parents need to contact the Dean of Students by phone or in person to get the process started. Parents may officially request an appeal by either mail or e-mail for documentation. 
  • Parents must request a meeting with the Principal, Academic Dean, Dean of Students, and the student’s advisor. 
  • Parents must verify:
    •  The days of absence and reasons for absences
    • Written documentation of extended illness while under a physician’s care
    • Current grades as posted online and verification from the student’s teachers

Consideration and Decision: 

  • A decision will be made within three days of the meeting 
  • Involved in the decision: Principal, Academic Dean, Dean of Students, and the student’s advisor

Punctual attendance to each class is an important responsibility of every St. Croix student. Being “tardy” is not being present in the classroom and ready to begin class when the bell rings. Individual instructors may vary their interpretation of “tardy.”

Tardy to school in AM
Students who arrive after 8:05 am must check in at the school office to obtain a pass to class. St. Croix will allow a student to be tardy to school 4 times each semester without penalty. Over-sleeping is not recognized as a valid Set 1 tardy. The Dean of Students will assign the following penalties to repeat offenders: 

        1st – 4th tardy per semester - warning 
        5th, 6th tardy per semester - 24 minutes after-school detention 
        7th, 8th, 9th tardy per semester - 48 minutes after-school detention 
        10 or more tardies per semester – Saturday detention, 60 minutes plus $10 fee

Tardy to class
After Set 1, individual instructors will assume responsibility for all tardy students who are without a hall pass. The Dean of Students will assign the following penalties to repeat offenders: 

        1st, 2nd tardy per semester – warning 
        3rd tardy per semester – 24 minutes after-school detention 
        4th tardy per semester – 48 minutes after-school detention 
        5 or more tardies per semester –Saturday detention, 60 minutes plus $10 fee