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Computer Applications I
This required course is designed to introduce and improve keyboarding skills using the touch-typing method. Students will learn basic word processing skills as well as formatting a variety of documents, including memos, business letters, tables, and a research paper. They will also learn basic presentation techniques using Microsoft PowerPoint software. 

Prerequisite: None
One semester

Computer Applications 2

This course, for sophomores, juniors and seniors, is a continuation of Computer Applications 1. The students will learn advanced techniques in both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as be introduced to the Microsoft Excel and Access applications.

Prerequisites: Computer Applications 1, Algebra I
One semester


In this course, high school juniors and seniors learn the fundamental language of business. The Multicolumn Journal approach is used to introduce three types of business—proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Students will also learn the basics of bookkeeping, business operations, and preparing and understanding financial statements.

Prerequisite: Geometry or higher
Two semesters