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Distance? No Problem!

How do two six-year-olds spend five minutes together and become instant friends? And how do those same kids, after going their separate ways since kindergarten, remain friends through the next ten years of their lives? 

Well, that is precisely what James and Nick have done. These sophomores have maintained a level friendship that is uncommon to many in their same circumstances. After only one short year together in kindergarten at Pilgrim Lutheran in Minneapolis, James’s and Nick’s pathways parted. However, despite the fact that they attended different grade schools, the boys continued to foster a true friendship in many ways.

One interest they share is sports, basketball in particular. Instead of dividing the pair, playing on rival teams throughout grade school united the boys’ competitive nature in a spirit of good sportsmanship. Then, as the two entered high school, they had the privilege of playing side by side on the same team. They learned how to communicate and support each other, as well as the rest of their teammates, through exultant wins and heart-wrenching losses.

Similarly, St. Croix has also strengthened the boys’ friendship off the court. St. Croix’s small size and close-knit family atmosphere have helped to cultivate the boys’ friendship as James and Nick have many of the same classes.

When asked about a memory the boys share, James’ face lit up with a huge grin. “We were in a Christmas concert during kindergarten, and it was being filmed. Later we watched it, and I was caught picking my nose on the video.”

The boys still have two years of high school left, but plan to stay in touch after graduation. It is evident that since they’ve maintained their relationship despite physical distances, parting ways after graduation won’t be a problem for these two.