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In Good With the Girls - Kayla & Erin

With two more years of high school to look forward to, the friendship of Kayla and Erin can only grow stronger. They can trust each other completely, have fun together, and also work with each other in something that they both love: basketball.

The pair did not meet until the summer of 2007 before their freshmen year when they were on the same Concordia league basketball team. At first they were both a little scared of one another. “Kayla is good,” says Erin, who was a little intimidated by Kayla’s ability. About Erin, Kayla claims, “Erin is hyper. I didn’t know what to say.” However, it didn’t take long for them to warm up to each other once the school year started, and then they both made the Varsity basketball team.

Now, they are closer than ever and have a new inside joke every couple minutes. Furthermore, they really are two of a kind. When asked what makes their friendship click, the two both said in unison, “We are like the same person.”

Not only do Kayla and Erin click as friends, the duo definitely clicks on the basketball court as teammates. They help each other focus for a game whether they listen to “Heart of a Champion” or just want to be quiet and think about what they have to do to win. They practice together, lift weights together, sweat together, and win and lose together. There is no doubt in their minds that they will be friends for life. Even someone that has just met them could clearly see that their friendship will be, according to Kayla and Erin and their workout model, “bigger, faster, and stronger” in years to come.