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International & American - Friends Star & Jordan

Some have said they have never seen anyone with a stronger friendship than Jordan and Star, but it hasn’t always been that way. Star is a student from Korea living in the dorms. Jordan is an American kid who loves sports. Until their 9th grade gym class together, they had never met. On their first day, other students said they could tell there would be something special between Jordan and Star. Their friendship stretches across nations.

The first thing Jordan noticed about Star was her name. “I mean, she picked Star for a name. That’s pretty cool,” Jordan says. Star said Jordan was really friendly their first day of school in gym. “She helped me with stuff in gym,” says Star. “She’s really nice.”

Since Star is from Korea, there have always been cultural differences. For instance, many international students are able to choose their own “American” names. However, Star says there “really aren’t that many language difficulties. The only problems are with slang and stuff.” Jordan says, “Star is really good with English. We can communicate very well.”

Korea is a somewhat stricter environment compared to America. Students spend a long time studying and reviewing for school tests. More time is spent studying with friends than just hanging out. Star was very pleased that she has much more time to spend making friends and relaxing with buddies.

Once the school year is over, Jordan and Star plan on keeping touch. They have traded e-mail addresses, and when Star gets a phone they will be able to talk together whenever they want. Their friendship has matured quickly and will last throughout the years.