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Performing Arts Buddies - Tanya & Rick

A common love for the arts brought sophomores Tanya and Rick together. They met freshman year in band and had their debut on stage in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

“First impressions are lasting impressions” holds true with their friendship. Rick commented, “Tanya told me something about practicing for hours every night, so I was impressed, and I thought she seemed pretty dedicated.” Their dedication in music and on stage carries over in their friendship.

Some of their favorite memories include hanging out in Mr. Hansen’s room after school, and “goofing off” backstage. “We found these random poles backstage after one of the shows and began to swordfight across stage with them,” Tanya remembers. “Life wouldn’t be nearly as humorous or interesting as it is [with Rick].”

Not only do they have fun together, but they have had profound effects on each other’s lives. Tanya claims, “He has shown me that it is okay to be myself, not act like someone else.” Rick echoes, “[Tanya is] fun, energetic, and outgoing. She isn’t afraid to say how she feels about something. She reminds me of how I act when I am at home and out of public scrutiny.”

They spend time together when they can, though they find it difficult to hang out together outside of school. “We enjoy theater and get involved with the plays. That gives us extra time to spend together.”