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Student Residence


Residence I

The single story residence is an attractive structure attached to the main school facility and overlooks Thompson Lake.  The residence includes a student lounge, kitchen, dining room, and an open-air courtyard.  It provides a secure and supervised setting within which students can adapt to the school routine, adjust to their new environment, and make new friends.

The residence houses a maximum of forty-five students in two- and three-person rooms. Some of the rooms are occupied by students whose homes are outside our immediate region.  Some of the rooms are reserved for students attending St. Croix from foreign countries.

Residence II

This residence, resembling Residence I,  houses a maximum of 45 students.  A student lounge, kitchenette and computer room are also provided.

The oversight of both residences is carried out by four full-time residence supervisors.  These supervisors live in the residence, serving as counselors and advisors to students in maintaining a pleasant and orderly environment.

The students' rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses, desks, chairs, dressers and a closet. Students provide bedding, mattress pad, towels and all other personal items.  Coin operated  laundry  facilities are also provided for the students' convenience.


Breakfast, evening and weekend meals are provided in the residence dining room.  Noon lunches on school days are provided through the school's hot lunch program.



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