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Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is a program that seeks to better meet the learning needs of students and their families desiring a Christian education at St. Croix. With the increasing diversity of learning needs of our present student body as well as looking towards our future, the Board of Regents and Administration felt a formal program could greatly aid students with learning needs to experience success at St. Croix. The Center also provides much needed support for their families and teachers.

Dr. Carrie Pfeifer  serves as St. Croix’s Learning Coordinator. Dr. Pfeifer, who completed her doctorate in Special Education in 2008, served eight years as Learning Coordinator at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School. She will work with Principal Gibson, the guidance department, and class advisors to identify students who need the support of this program. Once potential students have been identified, Dr. Pfeifer will meet with the families to discuss their student’s specific needs. “Staffings” for these students will occur with teachers and families prior to the beginning of the school year so that success can begin from day one.

If you have a student who might benefit from this program, or have questions, Dr. Pfeifer welcomes the opportunity to talk with you. You can contact her at or call , ext. 117.