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Update - August 18, 2008

Moving In: The newly-constructed Middle School offices near the dormitory hallway will be inhabited by Director Todd Russ soon, and office equipment will be installed and ready for Administrative Assistant Mrs. Cheryl Bloomer. Plans call for Mr. Russ to move from the main (front) offices right away. Mrs. Bloomer will help in the main office during the busiest first few weeks of school and will move to "4th Hallway" later in the fall.

Recruitment/Marketing: The administrators of the middle school will start a year-long recruitment and marketing blitz for the middle school this fall. This effort will include direct mailings, exterior and interior banners and signs, a billboard, bus stop benches, etc. Open Houses are planned for early November which will kick off the enrollment period for academic year 2009-2010.

Banners/Signs: By mid-September, new banners will be placed in the hallways of St. Croix. Through these signs, we hope to show the unity of the high school and middle school along with the unity among SCLHS, SCLMS, and the elementary schools of the K-12 association. There will be two vertical banners placed in the hallway leading to the middle school area in the building.

Prayers: St. Croix Lutheran Middle School is entering a critical time in the start-up phase of the middle school program. We ask for your prayers as we move forward with this ministry. May all we do benefit the spreading of the gospel and bring glory to God.

For information on the Middle School, contact Director .

Update - May 21, 2008
St. Croix Lutheran Middle School (“SCLMS”) has begun the exciting 15-month stretch leading up to opening its doors in Fall 2009. We are truly excited about the opportunity to serve the communities of West St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities metro area with a Bible-grounded middle school. SCLMS will focus on building a community within the school as well as interacting with the outside community.

Some of the activities taking place:

  • Facility modifications are underway. The middle school office and classroom remodeling work will be largely completed during the summer.
  • We have contracted with Neuger Communications for our marketing and recruitment work.
  • Todd Russ has been named Director of the Middle School.
  • Curriculum development is underway. We will be utilizing small focus groups to assist us in the upcoming months.

History - March 1, 2008
On Tuesday, February 26, 2008, the General Board of St. Croix Lutheran High School voted 42-25 in favor of starting a middle school in fall of 2009. This middle school will be located at the high school and will begin with grades 6 and 7. Grade 8 is scheduled to be added in fall of 2010.