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Middle Ages Unit
    Dark Ages (Part One)
    Feudalism (Part Two)
    High Middle Ages (Part Three)
    High Middle Ages Culture (Part Four)
    The Christian Supremacy and Crusades (Part Five)
    The Late Middle Ages (Part Six)

Renaissance and Reformation Unit
    Renaissance (Part One)
    Reformation Begins (Part Two)
    Reformation Continues (Part Three)

Age of Exploration
    Intro (Part One)
    The Rivalry: Portugal and Spain (Part Two)
    The History and Role of SE Asia (Part Three)
    Explorer Reports Summary (Part Four)
    The Americas (Part Five)

Age of Absolutism
    Absolutism: An Introduction (Part One)
    Absolutism: Spain (Part Two)
    Absolutism: France and England (Part Three)
    Absolutism: Austria, Prussia, and Russia (Part Four)

Enlightenment and Revolution
    Enlightenment Introduction (Part One)
    American Revolution (Part Two)
    French Revolution: Part One (Part Three)
    French Revolution: Part Two (Part Four)
    Enlightenment and Revolution Summary (Part Five)

The Industrial Revolution
    The Beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Part One)
    The Industrial Revolution: Impact and Change (Part Two)
    The Economics of Industry (Part Three)

Nationalism and Imperialism
    Nationalism Introduction (Part One) 
    German Imperialism (Part Two)
    International Nationalism (Part Three)
    Imperialism Introduction (Part Four)
    Imperialism Part One (Part Five)
    Imperialism Part Two (Part Six)

World Wars
    World War I Introduction (Part One)
    World War I Conclusion (Part Two)
    Interwar Period (Part Three)
    Interwar Period: Part Two (Part Three)
    World War II Introduction

Study Guides:
    Exploration and Absolutism Study Guide

Semester II Project:
    Project Handout
    Project Example PowerPoint

Course Syllabus
    For the Course Syllabus, please click here.

Teacher Info

    Mr. Joshua Gorske
    1200 Oakdale Avenue
    West St. Paul, MN 55118

    Telephone:  (651) 455-1521 ext. 133


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