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                                                                               Last update: 3/09/09

Croixaliers 2008-2009 Service Schedule  (.pdf)

Music Department Schedule is available as a .pdf file to download and print.

Pep Band
The Crusader Pep Band will play at selected home basketball games.  Click here for the pep band schedule.

Crusader Concert Choir
Please review the concert dates and times.  There are a few big changes from last year.

Department Wish List
If you are interested in making a donation to one of these projects, please let me know.
  • Alto Flute (about $600.00)
  • Funds for upcoming Band and Choral Festival trips to Arizona Lutheran Academy
  • New choral folders ($1500.00)
  • New choral risers (current MPO project - $18,000.00)
  • New baritone ($3000.00)
  • New portable amplifier ($500.00 - $900.00)
  • Ipod to store music samples ($300.00)
  • New concert snare drum ($500.00)
  • New double French horn ($2500.00)
  • Promethean Board ($3,500.00) http://www.prometheanworld.com/us/

Concert Band Attire
(includes Crusader Band, Chamber Brass, Woodwind Ensemble, Jazz Band)

Dress: All black dress or skirt and top with a sleeve (must have at least a cap sleeve), mid calf or longer, and have a modest neck line and a full back.  
Pantyhose (optional):  If worn, they need to be "nude" color.
Shoes: Black more formal shoes (absolutely no flip-flops or extremely high-heeled shoes)

Shirt: Tuxedo shirt - May be ordered through the Music Department in September.  If you need to be measured for a shirt, please let Mr. Pufahl know.
Pants: Tuxedo pants (provided by MPO)
Tie: Black Tuxedo Tie (provided by MPO)
Jacket: Black Tuxedo (provided by MPO)
Shoes: Black dress shoes
Socks: Black dress socks

Marching Band Attire
ALL: Black dress or dress casual pants (no jeans or windpants)
ALL: Black socks and shoes
ALL: White t-shirt to go under band jacket
ALL: SCLHS Band Jacket (provided by MPO)

NEW THIS YEAR - Senior Recitals
Senior music students are encouraged to work with Mr. Pufahl to design a senior recital that showcases a particular student's skills and musical knowledge. Senior recitals may be vocal or instrumental (piano too). Please contact Mr. Pufahl to schedule your senior recital.

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Please contact me with any questions or comments.

        Casey D. Pufahl BSE, TOESL, MAED, VoiceCare 
                                      Music Chair