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Current unit:  Valleyfair                        
                        We are getting ready to go to Valleyfair next Monday, May 18th.

Suggested weblinks for article reviews: www.goodsearch.com.
A good website for reinforcing the material taught in class is The Physics Classroom Take a look.


AP Physics
Current unit:  Valleyfair
                        The AP Physics B test is done finally.  It was tough, but it's done.  Now we prepare for Valleyfair and then we will tackle the movie October Sky.

Problem of the Month:  
                            Problem of the Month 

         online website used in class: ActivPhysics Online             

There is a website connected to our textbook that may be used College Physics.


AP Calculus AB

Current Unit:  AP Calculus AB test is done.  The last item for the year is one of the three projects that culminate the topics discussed this year in class.  This will be due Friday, May 22nd.

Problems of the Week are due every Tuesday.  No more for the year

AP Calculus BC
Current unit
Calculus of Series functions.

Problems of the Week are due every Tuesday.  No more for the year.

Website useful for reinforcing lessons learned is called Visual Calculus.

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