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Hello. Here you will find helpful information about my classes.

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English 2
In English 2 we study literature and grammar with a focus on learning to write well. Our writing incorporates the 6 Traits Writing process.

Below are the rubrics for past and current projects.
Personal letter rubric.doc
Business letter rubric.doc
Rubric for I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.doc
Persuasive Essay Rubric.doc
Comparison Essay Rubric.doc
Personal Narrative Rubric.doc

We also have online discussions on wikispaces.com about stories and poems we read. Check it out at www.crusaderbasicenglish.wikispaces.com

In Geometry we explore geometry through deductive reasoning and problem application.

Here are the unit guidesheets and assignments

Unit 4 overview.doc
Unit 5 overview.doc
Unit 6 overview.doc and a formula sheet for this unit Formula Sheet ch6.doc
Unit 7 overview.doc
Unit 8 overview.doc
Unit 9 overview.doc

Geometry Project

Click here to find the Unit 9 Kite project -- http://stcroixgeometry.wikispaces.com/

You can also check out the pictures from our kite flying day.


Geometry Websites

Online Video Lessons

Online Geometry Games

Online Geometry Puzzle

9th Grade Boys' PE
Besides the participation in the sports, the skills tests, and the written tests, the boys are responsible for writing a paper about a sport of their choice.

Ice Hockey.doc

9th Grade Physical Education Paper.doc

PE Elective
This is an 11th and 12th grade elective which promotes participation in conditioning and recreational lifelong activities.

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