Course Offerings at St. Croix Lutheran Middle School


Social Studies

United States History 1 
Students learn the history of the U.S. from Native Americans and explorers through the Revolutionary War and the Constitution. The curriculum emphasizes a multi-perspective look at history.

United States History 2

Students learn the history of the U.S. from the Revolutionary War and the Writing of the Constitution to the present. The curriculum emphasizes a multi-perspective look at history.

World Culture / Geography
Students learn the physical and political geography of the world. The curriculum emphasizes a multi-perspective look at history and the impact of cultures on historical events.


Physical Science
Students learn basic concepts, theories, and principles in chemistry and physics through reading, investigation and analysis. Students solve problems creatively, think critically, and work cooperatively in teams while learning proper lab techniques.

Life Science
Students understand the natural world through debates, discussions, and hands-on activities. The use of hands-on projects is emphasized.

Earth & Space Science
This course exposes students to debates, discussions, and hands-on activities and projects to understand topics concerning earth and space.


Math Foundations

This course provides foundational support for the development of major mathematical, algebraic, and geometric concepts.

This course prepares students for Algebra I and reinforces fundamental math skills. Students learn to use variables in formulas, to solve equations, to solve problems and interpret data.
Prerequisite: None
Two semesters

Algebra I
Students explore mathematical concepts with an emphasis on variables, equations, and graphs of linear functions. These skills are then applied to real-life situations.

Language Arts 1-3

Students develop the ability to construct and convey meaning through writing, listening, spelling, editing, speaking, and reading, which will enable them to access, analyze, evaluate, and apply their knowledge and experience for a variety of purposes, audiences and situations.

Bible Knowledge and History

Bible Class 1

This course covers some of the major teachings of the Bible, starting with creation and continuing with the promise of a Savior throughout the Old Testament. It includes the fulfillment of that promise with the birth of Jesus and an overview of his life, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension.

Bible Class 2

Students take an in-depth look at the Old Testament with a focus on the people of God and their relationship with God.

Bible Class 3

This course reviews the birth of the Savior and follows the life of Christ as told in the Gospels. In this course, students will look at the Christ-like examples for their own lives.

Keyboarding / Computer ApplicationS

This course seeks to develop the basic skill of keyboarding by touch. Students will learn basic word processing techniques, a variety of document formats, and will experience the benefits available with computers. A typing program will help students increase speed while reducing errors. The course will introduce students to some of today’s most common software applications, including Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®.

Life Skills

Once a week, students will focus on an area of life preparation. The purpose of the course is to assist students in acquiring basic skills for independent life. Some of the topics for this course include:

        · Conflict Resolution
        · Peer Pressure
        · Etiquette and Manners
· Using and balancing checkbooks / bank accounts
        · Basic Cooking
        · Basic Clothing repair and care
        · Budgeting
        · Investing
        · Christian Decision Making
        · Christian Dating

World Languages

In this course students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of languages and cultures through the Rosetta Stone online classroom. Following the first two weeks of exploration, each student will select the language he or she would like to study for the school year. Each student works at his or her own pace while a teacher monitors progress. Motivated students will not be “held back” by classroom constraints as they can access their class from home and elsewhere. Parents are encouraged to learn with their child as they access the same software from work or home. Languages available include:

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • English (ESL)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish*
  • Russian

*There will also be an option for students to take Spanish with a classroom teacher.


Students will work with lines, shapes, forms, color, and texture and evaluate how they are used in the world around them. They will explore using various methods and technology to create works of art and express themselves.


This course provides physical activity involving team and individual sports. There will also be a focus on basic conditioning and lifelong sports. Girls and boys will participate separately for this class.


This course will combine choral singing, music theory, and music appreciation. Girls and boys will participate separately for this class.


This is an optional course. This course provides pull-out individual lessons (for a fee) and a weekly group band experience. Students do not have to take lessons from the school to participate in the group band experience.