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St Croix Lutheran High School is a private parochial high school serving young men and women in grades 9-12.

Accreditation: certificate of accreditation from the Department of Education, State of Minnesota, and by the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA)

Staff: 32 highly qualified instructors, 17 of whom hold advanced degrees in their area of teaching. Average length of teaching experience is 20 years.

Enrollment: 400 students; 75 International students from 8 different countries; student/teacher ratio of 14:1. Average class size is 21 students.

Location: beautiful 30-acre campus located in the Twin Cities of St.Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota; within minutes of many university campuses including the University of Minnesota; Twin Cities' population - 2,000,000; campus is bordered by a lake and a park.

School year: August 25, 2008 to May 29, 2009.

College Prep Coursework: Courses in math, science, English, history, computer science, music, art, advanced placement and accelerated courses are taught in preparation for college entrance.

Graduation requirements: 24 credits are required to graduate. One semester of course work = 1/2 credit.  Minimum required courses:

  •  4 credits in English
  •  3 credits in Social Studies
  • 1 credit in Religion for each year in attendance
  • 2 credits in Mathematics
  • 2 credits in Science
  • 2 credits in Phy. Ed / Health
  • 7 credits in various elective courses

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