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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I contact my student during the school day?

Yes, you can reach your student during the school day. In order to minimize disruption for students and teachers, please observe the following:

Messages for students must be called in to the school office by 9:00 am in order to be given at the lunch break. If you miss this deadline, your student will not be called until the end of the school day. We cannot guarantee that your student will hear this page.

We will not page students during the school day.

Whenever possible, please schedule doctor and dentist appointments BEFORE or AFTER the school day, and avoid scheduling a same day appointment if your student is already at school.

In the event of a genuine emergency, we will make an effort to find your student quickly.

Who should I talk to about a tuition payment?

If you have a question about tuition or tuition payments, please call the school at and ask for our Financial Operations office (ext. 103).

When is the nurse available?

District 197 provides school nurse services for one day each week while school is in session. They determine the schedule for our nurse.

Who is my student's advisor?

If you want to know the name of your student's advisor, you can either check your student's grade reports, or contact the school office.

Can I arrange a visit to the school?

We welcome visitors to our school, and offer several programs for interested visitors.

Crusader for a Day
For 7th and 8th grade students interested in attending St. Croix as freshman, we offer Crusader for a Day - an opportunity to visit the school and go through a "school day."

Grandparents' Days
Each fall, we also have Grandparents' Days - a chance for St. Croix students to invite their grandparents to see their school.

Open Houses
Prospective parents and students are invited to visit during an Open House - to take a tour of the school and speak with members of our staff.

Student Guests
Our students are also allowed to invite prospective student guests to visit the school for a day. These visits must be approved by the principal before the visit.

Why is my child's report card (or record) being held?

In keeping with the policy set by the Board of Regents of St. Croix Lutheran High School, students grade reports and/or transcript cannot be issued until all financial obligations to the high school have been met. This may include tuition payments, library fines, payment for damaged or lost textbooks, obligations to the athletic or music departments, or other outstanding obligations that are under the approval of the Regents. After all obligations have been met, the report card or records will be released.

How do I sign up for the daily announcements via email?

If you wish to subscribe to St. Croix's daily announcements email list, please send an email to from the account where you wish to subscribe. Please include a short reason about why you wish to subscribe to this list.



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