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Student Absences


Our Lord expects that students, as faithful stewards of time, will attend school regularly. Students who attend classes every day increase their change of success in academic studies.

If a student must be absent for any reason, a parent or guardian must call the school at before 9:00 am that day to notify the school of the student's absence. If a parent does not call teh school, the attendance staff will attempt to notify a parent at home or work.

A written note from a parent or guardian should be provided to the school office for any absence. The note should state the date(s) absent, and the reason for the absence.

Students who miss any classes due to illness, or who have an unexcused absence will not be permitted to participate in any extra-curricular activity or practice on the day of the absence.

Please refer to St. Croix's Student / Parent Handbook for additional information about our policies regarding student absences.


last updated: 3-nov-04