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Religion Department

Biblical Knowledge

This course, primarily for international students, is designed to communicate God’s master plan of salvation from Genesis through the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.
Prerequisite: None
Two semesters

Religion 9

This course covers the Old Testament from Genesis to Judges. It focuses on where we came from and how to live, and points to Christ as the one true hope for our eternal future.
Prerequisite: None
Two semesters

Religion 10

This course covers biblical history from the kings to Jesus. First semester focuses on the life of the kings of Israel in the books of I Kings, II Kings, I Chronicles and II Chronicles. The second semester studies the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
Prerequisite: Religion 9
Two semesters

Religion 11

This course focuses on the Book of Acts and some of the Apostle Paul’s letters written to the early Christian congregations as they present a model for Christian churches today.
Prerequisite: Religion 10
Two semesters

Religion 12

This discussion-oriented class encourages students to share their faith in practical ways with others. Students learn similarities and differences among various Christian denominations, and prepare reports about other world religions. Readings include Paul’s letters and the Book of Revelation.
Prerequisite: Religion 11
Two semesters