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Dress Code


During the school day, students at St. Croix are to choose clothes to wear from the following styles:

  • Pants: Docker or Cargo style of pant or a brand that is similar; jeans; wind pants. In addition, female students may wear capri style pants and skirts or dresses.
  • Shirts: Shirts that have sleeves and a modest neckline or have button fronts. All shirts must be longer than the waist of the pants, so the midriff does not show, but no longer than finger tips held at the student’s side. Buttoned shirts are to be buttoned unless there is a crew neck type shirt underneath.
  • Shorts: Students may wear Docker or Cargo style shorts that are solid color. Nice sport shorts and jean style shorts are allowed, but students are reminded there is to be no slouching or sagging.
  • Students may wear sweaters or sweatshirts that are in keeping with the guidelines below.
  • Coaches may make reasonable exceptions for their teams on game days.
  • All clothing should follow these guidelines given below.


When students are on campus at other times outside the school day, students’ dress should follow the guidelines below. These times also include when students are at school-sponsored events off campus.

The following are offered for students who need assistance in adopting modest apparel and a well-groomed appearance. Christian students realize that their bodies are the temples of God’s Holy Spirit and as such strive to keep themselves neat, clean, well groomed and modestly dressed. In a school setting, the listed items tend to detract from this image and are to be avoided.

Clothing that detracts from a Christian school setting:

  • shirts unbuttoned or unzipped to the point of immodesty
  • spaghetti strap dresses or tops
  • shirts resembling underwear but worn as an outer garment, such as a tank top or muscle shirt
  • unkempt, dirty, ill-groomed, and unnatural colored hair
  • Any ornamentation, other than earrings, that involves body piercing will not be allowed.
  • Chains will not be allowed at school. No spike style leather collars or bracelets.
  • Goth style clothing
  • head wear
  • Males may wear a maximum of two dime-sized hoop earrings or studs. No expanders will be allowed.
  • sleeveless shirts
  • any shirt or top that leads to a bare midriff or has an immodest neckline
  • frayed or patched pants or shorts
  • sag or “slouch” or baggy jeans, pants or shorts.
  • short outfits or skirts
  • Lounge wear during the school day
  • any other item of apparel which is inconsistent with the structured atmosphere of the school

A general rule of thumb to follow when trying to determine if the length of shorts/skirts/dresses is appropriate; the bottom hem of the item should meet or exceed the reach of the fingertips when your arms are placed at your side.
Students may wear selective clothing with logos. However, the following types of logos are not to be worn:

  1. alcohol, drugs, tobacco
  2. suggestive, double-meaning, cursing, vulgarities, skulls, Satanic symbols, morbid images
  3. music-related (groups, concerts, individual, album covers, etc.) except those associated with SCLHS or WELS musical programs.

It is not practical for SCLHS to establish written rules for every single issue of dress that may arise. At those times when personal judgments are made, Christian young people will honor the decisions of those whom the Lord has placed into positions of authority.


last updated: 5-jan-04