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Among educated people it is generally understood that certain minimum standards should be applied to material written for the reading of others. These minimum standards would apply, then, to material written for the enjoyment of others, for the edification of others, for the informing of others. In a school setting the existence of these minimum standards has a very particular significance. Although students and instructors might be involved in the specific study of social studies or natural science or religion, the vehicle for this study is the written and spoken language of our country. In order to teach and learn effectively, this written and spoken language must be handled with understanding, ease and efficiency. This becomes even more noteworthy when we consider that we alone, among all God's creatures, have this ability to communicate in a detailed and rational manner. Simple Christian stewardship then also dictates careful cultivation and use of this ability. This style sheet is written so that the students and faculty of Saint Croix Lutheran High School can have a ready reference to the generally accepted minimum standards for written material, and through use of these standards, can communicate via the printed word with understanding, with ease and with efficiency.

For specific details of written work form not covered in this document, see the Modem Language Association of America (MLA) Style Sheet.
1968, Rev 1996, 1997




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