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Student Day

A typical schedule for a dormitory student's day goes something like this:


7:00 – Wake-up, shower and get ready for school.
7:30 – Walk to the cafeteria for breakfast
8:00 – Talk to friends before school starts
8:05 – ESL Class with other International students
9:02 – American or World History class with American and International students
9:54 – Spiritual Time with all students and teachers
10:18 – Algebra, Calculus or another Math class
11:10 – Speech, English Literature or Study Hall


11:58 – Lunch with friends
12:26 – Choir, Art or 
                    Computer Programming
  1:18 – Bible Class
  2:10 – Physics or Biology Class
  3:00 – Sports Practice in Tennis, Basketball, 
                    Soccer, Speech, Drama, 
                    after school tutoring or mentoring 
                    or any other extra activity.


5:00 – Eat Dinner
7:00 – Required Study Hall, Residence Activity or Weekend Activity including: going to the Mall of America, a movie, skiing, a museum, bowling, or downtown Minneapolis.
10:30 – Get ready for school the next day and for sleeping
11:00 – Sleep for the next day of school or stay awake with a movie if it is the weekend


The St. Croix residence is open during minor holidays throughout the school year. During the larger school breaks in late December and March, international students may have a homestay with an American family, visit a friend’s family in America, or return home. Homestays are provided for interested students at an extra cost. Current rate is $150 each week.