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During Christmas/Winter Break and Spring Break, our student residence is closed. Some of our international students are not able to return to their homes during these closures, creating a need for student homestays, or hosting. St. Croix's International Advisor is always seeking families interested in this part of our ministry.

Hosting overview:

  • Students may be picked up from school the day school lets out for break. They must be picked up before the dorm closes for break. Band and Choir students are required to participate in the Christmas and Spring Concerts.
  • Students will follow your home's routines and guidelines. Set your expectations and explain your rules and guidelines for behavior at the beginning of the stay. It is St. Croix's hope that our students can experience life in an American home, so include them for the fun activities as well as regular chores that your family members do.
  • Students are instructed to carry their medical insurance and contact information with them. If medical attention becomes necessary, fill out a claim form and return it after the break is over. A phone call or email to the school is also appreciated.
  • Students should return to St. Croix the day before classes resume, at a time that is convenient for you, but early enough to give the student time to get settled.
  • Host families are offered a stipend to help cover the extra expenses incurred with hosting. A $300 stipend is offered at Christmas break, and a $150 stipend is offered for Spring break. To make arrangements for hosting, or if you have other questions, please contact International Advisor Sue Galler at 651.455.1521, ext. 118, or by email at .