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Student Life at St. Croix

There are many activities, clubs, organizations and opportunities for service to others available to students at St. Croix, including:

    Chamber Brass
    Chapel Band
    Chapel Players
    The Crusader Current  (student newspaper - journalism course for credit)
    Drama & Performing Arts
    Jazz Band
    National Honor Society
    Right Triangle - Peer Leaders
    Right Triangle Theater
    The Shield  (yearbook - course for credit)
    Speech Team
    Student Government
    Teens for Life
    Tennis Club (boys)

Volunteer Service Encouraged
International students are also encouraged to volunteer to work with small children at the daycare center located on the SCLHS campus or to visit with and offer companionship to senior citizens in a local nursing home. This gives opportunities to practice speaking English as well as serving others.

Volunteer or service work is encouraged by SCLHS for all students.  Many colleges consider a student's life outside of school as well as GPA and courses taken when determining acceptance to college and eligibility for scholarship awards.  Students are encouraged to review the service credit forms for ideas of volunteer work. Any volunteer time spent in church, school, or the community is eligible for credit hours. SCLHS records service hours credit on student's transcripts and their permanent record. The form can be downloaded and printed, or contact the .