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Our international advisor, residence supervisors, and academic support structure give international students living in our dormitories the support they need to be successful.

International Advisor
A full-time international advisor supports the general needs of the international students and helps them successfully transition into the academic, social and cultural life of St. Croix High School. The advisor maintains regular communication with students and parents throughout the school year.

Resident Supervisors
Four full-time residence supervisors oversee the dormitories. At least two supervisors are on duty at all times. They also tend to the day-to-day needs of all dorm students. International students are responsible for checking in and out with supervisors, and supervisors regularly check on students. Regularly scheduled meetings, special events and celebrations are all a part of residence life.

Academic Support

Students at St. Croix have special assistance in academic and college guidance. After-school tutoring is available and scheduled study halls with supervision in the evenings is another resource for learners. Two levels of ESL classes plus ESL U.S. History and Health classes are provided for the international students’ academic needs. Guardianship and advisory services are available to ease the cultural experience of living and learning in a new country.