Educating the total student. Spiritually, intellectually, physically.
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Strategic Plan

We have recently completed a strategic plan for the continued success of St. Croix Lutheran High School's ministry to young people. These four areas are strategically important to St. Croix:

  1. Mission
  2. Academic Offering
  3. Recruitment
  4. Financial Health


Our stated mission is "to educate the total student - spiritually, intellectually, and physically - in a caring, Christian family community." That mission statement is as relevant and appropriate today as ever and serves as the foundation of our strategy.


Academic Offerings

St. Croix is a college preparatory school. Our classes are targeted to provide our students with a comprehensive education that will prepare them for any school or career choice. We need to maintain a high-quality curriculum with sufficient breadth, depth, and challenge to meet the needs of our students, while serving the needs of those students who require special assistance to succeed academically.



Historically, we have served the children of member and associated congregations. With the creation of our international program in 1995, we introduced a new student population to the school environment. The demographics of our traditional student group are changing rapidly and, over the next ten years, the number of children in this segment is expected to drop by over twenty percent. To continue to grow, we must undertake an aggressive recruitment program that is forward-looking and open to new prospective student population segments.


Financial Health

Our financial resources are adequate to support our current school enrollment and operations with annual tuition increases, but not sufficient to support our strategic objectives. Congregational support revenue has been declining for many years. Development income is derived primarily from general appeals and fundraising events. Our Ministry in Motion campaign raised only 50% of its target. To achieve our strategy, we need to stabilize and improve our current development programs and aggressively develop alternate sources of revenue and support.