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World Languages Department

German I

Students learn written and spoken German. Students gain confidence in speaking German through memorizing vocabulary and idioms, studying grammar and syntax, and learning about German culture through videotapes and CDs.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in English III or higher
Two semesters

German II

Students expand their knowledge of German vocabulary, idioms, forms and syntax as they continue to use German. Students develop conversations in various social settings, such as school, at home, in restaurants and other leisure-time activities.
Prerequisite: German I
Two semesters

German III/IV

Students complete their study of German grammar through composition, reading, speaking and listening. Students listen to a German play and deliver several speeches in German related to what they have heard. This course may be taken twice for credit.
Prerequisite: German II
Two semesters

Beginning Latin

This introduction to Latin helps students learn Latin forms, grammar and translation skills. The class uses group activities and individual work to build an understanding of the language. Students will be able to participate in a Latin language camp.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in English III or higher
Two semesters

Intermediate Latin

Students review Latin I material intensively by using their vocabulary to read and write Latin sentences and original stories. They also learn more difficult forms and constructions in preparation for reading original Latin writers.
Prerequisite: Beginning Latin (Latin I)
Two semesters

Advanced Latin Prose

Students finish the study of the more advanced structures and syntax by composing Latin sentences and reading Latin of increasing difficulty:  selections of Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic Wars, Cicero’s Cataline 1, and a choice of Pro Archea or Pro Caelia, Pliny's Letters, and Tacitus' Annales on the reign of Nero. This course can be taken for preparation for the AP Latin Language Exam.  
Prerequisite: Intermediate Latin (Latin II)
Two semesters

Advanced Latin Poetry

Students complete their study of Latin grammar and continue to sharpen their skills in writing Latin.  Selections of lyric poetry by Catullus and Horace on the basis of the AP curriculum are translated and discussed.  Emphasis is put on learning how to read about ten different meters used by the poets and on how to recognize the figures of speech used in Latin poetry.  Selections from books 1, 4, and 6 of Vergil's Aeneid are read during second semester. This course can be taken for preparation for the AP Latin Language Exam.  
Prerequisite: Intermediate Latin (Latin II)
Two semesters

Spanish I

Students develop a working vocabulary for a variety of life situations. Students learn speech patterns through speaking dialogues, composition, reading and completing several listening labs, in which students hear native speakers from many different Spanish-speaking countries.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in English III or higher
Two semesters

Spanish II

Students continue to master the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in Spanish. Emphasis is placed on applying grammar concepts and enhancing oral proficiency through pair and group activities, role playing, audio and video exercises, songs, educational games, conversations and discussions. Students also explore the cultures of the Spanish speaking world through a variety of projects.
Prerequisite: Spanish I
Two semesters

Spanish III

Students strengthen their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills by expanding their vocabulary, applying complex grammar concepts and becoming more confident in conversational skills. This course emphasizes speaking in class. Students also explore the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through a variety of projects.
Prerequisite: Spanish II
Two semesters

Spanish IV

Students expand their knowledge of the language through listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. In addition to speaking Spanish in class, students read literary selections of well-known Spanish writers as well as current magazine and newspaper articles. Written skills are emphasized through essays and short papers.
Prerequisite: Spanish III
Two semesters

Mandarin Chinese I

Students are introduced to the sounds, basic grammar, and vocabulary of Mandarin along with the Chinese writing system. They participate in basic and practical conversation and character recognition in preparation for an optional summer China tour. While being exposed to Chinese history and culture through language study, they gain understanding of the culture and language that they experience here at St. Croix with the Chinese student population.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in English III, or instructor approval
Two semesters – Offered even years

Mandarin Chinese II

Students continue to develop a working vocabulary in speaking and writing Mandarin by being involved in real life situations. The optional summer China tour is part of the classroom focus for students to understand Chinese history and culture along with the language.
Prerequisite: Mandarin Chinese I
Two semesters – Offered odd years

World Language Self-Study / Tutorial Programs

The following programs are offered when there is interest, ability, and availability of instructors and of time in the schedule:

Spanish V / AP Spanish
This course prepares students for the AP Spanish language exam. Students use a variety of activities to strengthen listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Prerequisite: Spanish IV
Two semesters

Beginning Greek
Students learn to read and write Ancient Attic Greek. Vocabulary, forms and syntax are studied by reading and writing Greek. Study of Greek culture and its influence on American culture and language provide the student with a broader world view. Students take the Beginning Attic National Greek Exam.
Prerequisite: Latin 2, and the approval of the instructor.
Two semesters.

Intermediate Greek
Students complete the study of more advanced clauses and the conjugations of irregular Greek verbs, and do more composition in Greek. A generous selection of passages from Xenophon's Anabasis are read and discussed. Students take the Intermediate Attic National Greek Exam.
Prerequisite: Beginning Greek
Two semesters

Beginning Norwegian 
Students learn to speak, comprehend, read, and write Norwegian. Vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and speaking patterns are learned through listening to native speakers pronounce the vocabulary and act out twelve different dialogues. Original dialogues and stories are composed in Norwegian.
Prerequisite: Two years of another foreign language and instructor's approval.
Two semesters

Beginning Modern Standard Arabic
Students learn how to write and pronounce the letters of the Arabic alphabet. They learn to write Arabic words using the various forms of each letter of the alphabet and how to point with text with appropriate vowel markings. Through a series of lessons in the textbook and audio aids, they learn vocabulary, sentence structure and basic conversation. Reading, writing, listening comprehension, and cultural study is a part of each lesson.
Prerequisites: Two years of another foreign language and instructor's approval.
Two semesters

Advanced Latin--Roman Comedy
Students read three plays of Plautus and one play by Terence in Latin. Students choose three more plays by these authors to read in English. Modern plays based on the plays of Pautus or Terence are read and compared with the originals. Essays on various topics relating to Roman theater are written. Students act out a scene of a play in Latin and with appropriate props.
Prerequisites: Advanced Latin Prose or Poetry
Two Semesters